No Way Out is a free to play browser based action - strategy game which requires teamwork, quick thinking, and a solid tactical approach. Five teams, each consisting of three members, are trapped on a small island, which will be destroyed by a nuclear explosion in 15 minutes; the only way off the island is for your team to eliminate all of the other teams, so you must work quickly and cohesively. Killing your opponents will net you strategic advantages, and, at the 10 minute mark, the best performing team will be sent the coordinates for their extraction site, and must hurry to the helicopter! Race against the clock and four teams of enemy players in this fast paced sci-fi PvP experience!

No Way Out Key Features

Team Based PvP Action - You have only three members on your team, and the odds are stacked against you. Teamwork and unity are paramount

Choose Your Role - Pick from several playable characters, each with unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Learn to use your strengths and skills to best advantage to secure victory!

Arm Yourself - Equip different customizeable weapons to not only personalize your experience but also your gameplay; the weapons you equip impact how your skills function.