Nords: Heroes of the North is a free to play browser and mobile MMORTS which features Northmen, Elves, Orcs, and Dragons fighting against the evil Ice Queen and her undead hordes. It falls to you and your allies, brave heroes all, to save the fantastic realm of Shingård from the lifeless, eternal winter that the Ice Queen has unleashed. Choose your faction and then begin building your stronghold and amassing your forces. Train and deploy over 30 different types of units, from elves to dragons, from comical and hapless characters to the baddest warriors around. Finally, lead your armies into battle, against the forces of the Ice Queen as well as against rival players. Do you have the strength and skill to save Shingård from eternal cold and darkness, or will your name be forgotten?

Nords: Heroes of the North Key Features

Three Playable Factions - Choose from Northmen, Elves, or Orcs to determine your hero's portrait and your stronghold's appearance and architecture.

Customize Your Hero - Deck out your leader with weapons and armor and customize their appearance, and then lead your forces to victory and glory!

Famous Voice Talent - Over 30 professional actors contributed their voices to Nords: Heroes of the North, including Patrick Warburton of “Family Guy” and “Seinfeld” fame who voices King Björn the Awesome!

Watch The Action - View the battles in real time 3D, and watch your forces rout and crush your enemies!

PvP and PvE - Players can join clans or go at it alone! You can also face off against other players (or clans) or engage in demanding PvE battles. Earn epic loot!