Northgard is a strategy game based on Norse mythology and legends, where you take control of a clan of Vikings dwelling in a new and strange land. Your clan has voyaged and explored for years, and finally you have found a vast new land full of dangers, riches, and mysteries - Northgard. Your clan, brave warriors all, have set sail to colonize this new world and discover its secrets, but survival here is anything but certain. This new land is full of horrors like slavering dire wolves, shambling undead, and even giants, not to mention winters that chill the blood of even the hardiest of Vikings. Can you establish a colony, earn wealth and fame, and bring glory to your clan and the gods? Or will your bones be gnawed by wolves and buried under relentless snows?

Northgard Key Features

Build Your Settlement - You must make all decisions regarding the new colony in Northgard. Decide what to build, where, and when, but manage your resources carefully; the harsh winter is an ever-present threat!

Lead Your People - Assign individual tasks to your Vikings, such as Farmer, Loremaster, Warrior, and more. Decide when to fight, and when to trade, and lead your people to greatness.

Expand And Discover - You can always expand your territory by exploring and claiming new land. Be ready, however; you just might have to wrest it from monsters or make treaties and trade deals to get it!

Seek Victory Your Way - You can play alone, against AI of varying difficulty levels, or with or against friends from around the world. You can try to achieve victory through many means; conquest, trade, fame, and other methods are possible.