Nova Blitz is a real time, digital trading card game set in a future universe ruled by five Aspects of energy: Arcane, Tech, Divine, Nature, and Chaos. As a Nova, you channel that energy to summon units, use powers, and knock out your opponent. The goal of Nova Blitz is to reduce your opponent’s Health to 0 by playing Powers and attacking with Units. In Nova Blitz, turns are simultaneous and in real time, with both players playing cards at the same time. You never have to wait for your opponent to take their turn. Cards resolve when they’re played, so the order you play in is important. Everything that you expect in a trading-card game is in this game – strategic, deep, game play; back-and-forth combat; a huge selection of cards to build decks from; and really big tournaments.

Nova Blitz Key Features

No Waiting - Games are super-fast and super-fun because there’s no waiting for your opponent.

Out-maneuver your Opponent - Play quickly, to gain initiative, or let your opponent play first and react to their plays.

Out-think your Opponent - In every combat, predict your opponent’s play to come out on top.

Huge Tournaments - Even the biggest tournaments are fast. You could win a thousand-player tournament in as little as 3 hours.