Nova Genesis is a free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG set in a rich fantasy world with a touch of sci-fi. The game features three unique playable classes as well as six distinct races that constitute mobs, bosses and NPCs. With a strong Hero system that offers elaborate skill combos and challenging PvP/PvE, Nova Genesis takes players through an immersive journey where every weapon, Hero and Wyvern plays a crucial role in the struggle to save the world. Cerulea was a planet of many races, living in harmony but for the occasional strife, like any other world. Until the Pyroi broke free from the planet’s core with a sole purpose: eliminate all races and claim the land for themselves. To achieve this, they are in search of the Nova Weapons - mighty artifacts that can tip the balance of power in favor of those who wield them. It is up to you to find the Weapons before the Pyroi, but you’re not alone. A band of Heroes will join you in your journey to ensure peace returns to Cerulea and evil crawls back to where it came from.

Nova Genesis Key Features:

Choose Your Role - Play as three unique classes, as well as six races that constitute mobs, bosses and NPCs!

Play Your Way - Enjoy both PVE and PVP features, or concentrate on the area you like most.

Explore A Vast World - Explore this fantasy world, discover it secrets, and perhaps locate its treasures!

Dynamic Gameplay - Customize your skills the way you want them. You can then execute those skills and perform combos in combat!