Nova Raider is a space exploration and action/adventure game which places you in the role of an inexperienced pilot, seeking your way among the stars. Fight your way through galaxies infested with monsters, during which you run into enemy spaceships, dangerous creatures and nasty space pirates. Choose various classes of ship in order to be better able to live out your own style of play. Travel through distant galaxies whilst you rob your enemies, fight enormous Boss monsters and measure yourself against other players in PVP. Create your own guild headquarters and build it up into a real home base, from which you and your friends can operate. Through guilds it is possible for you to counter the superior power of the enemy players. The correct combination of units makes you virtually unbeatable.

Nova Raider Key Features

Explore The Universe - A vast universe of stars and galaxies, seperated by the endless void, awaits. Answer the call!

Build A Starbase - Work together with your friends and build your own base. Use it as a center of operations and crush your enemies.

Choose Your Ride - A variety of different ship types will please all playstyles. Do you prefer slow and heavy, or small and fast?

Fly. Fight. Win. - Take what you wish. Only by blowing all who oppose you out of the stars can you hope to hold a slice of the cosmos.