Novus AEterno is a Sci-Fi MMORTS set in a massive, seamless, and persistent universe that breaks all the normal rules of online strategy gaming. Set in a limitless universe, players fight to control and conquer galaxies that support up to 30,000 players on the one map. Fight an endless war that rages on even while you are offline, colonize planets, manufacture ships with your own custom designs and immerse yourself in to an MMORTS with depth like you have never seen before.

Start with a home planet that you can never lose. Expand your control outward across an unlimited universe of galaxies. It’s a sandbox in space where you can build your empire– and influence over other players. Do it anyway you wish: through diplomatic channels, intelligence, military might or economic power. Thousands and thousands of players at one time on one seamless map. There is always a way to rebuild and recover, and there are always potential new allies and foes ready to engage you on a truly galactic scale. The strategic choices you make today will affect your tactical efforts next week, next month, and even next year!

Novus AEterno Key Features

Diplomacy - Negotiate, form alliances, deceive other players. The best fight to win is the one where you never need fire a shot.

Intelligence - Send out agents to spy, perform research, sell info, and even manipulate your enemies.

Seamless World - At one time, thousands of players run empires. There is no shortage of potential friends... or victims.

Military - Engage in massive tactical battles. Take full advantage of the tactical freedom allowed by player designed ships!

Economy - You must craft, trade, fund your agendas, pay allies... there's more to running an empire than having the biggest gun.