Novus Inceptio is a post-apocalyptic survival sandbox game with elements of a fantasy MMO. Novus Inceptio is designed to be a deep survival strategy game in which gameplay is not effected by the size of the player base, in which players can create a living, breathing civilization. Players will find themselves focusing on all elements of survival gaming, from fending off hostile attackers to avoiding injury to scavenging for supplies. With a complete emphasis on character freedom, Novus Inceptio lets you bring your character to life in a world where time passes, where they will eventually grow old and die, where everything that you do impacts the world around you. Can you carve a niche for yourself in this odd, alien world, and find out what happened to the rest of civilization?

Novus Inceptio Key Features

Freeform Character Development - In Novus Inceptio, your character develops naturally, based on what you do; attributes you use increase, enabling your character to do more and with greater proficiency in the areas you focus on, however, those attributes which you do not will decrease over time.

Huge Open World - The maps in Novus Inceptio are immense, and fully explorable, being as large as 576 square kilometers in size! Forests, deserts, mountains and more wait for you to explore them!

Time Really Passes - Day turns into night, seasons pass, and characters grow older; death can come from injury, illness, or simply old age. You must do what you can with the time you have!