Nowhere Else and Beyond, often abbreviated to NEAB, is a fantasy MMORPG in a vast social world, where players construct and manage virtually everything. It is a spiritual successor to an earlier browser game of the same name, only this time, it is being designed with an entirely new engine, the Somewhere Else and Beyond engine. The world lives, breathes, and dies as a result of the player community and their actions. The land is owned by players, the houses built by players, the shops and stores run by players, the items crafted by players. You begin with some very basic items needed to simply survive. How far can you and your fellow players rise from this humble beginning?

Nowhere Else And Beyond Key Features

Player Run World - The direction of the world and its development is entirely in the hands of the players! Every shop is run by a player, every farm operated by a player.

Craft Everything - Your character enters the world with only a few basic survival items. Every structure, every item, every city is the work of a player. Even the in-game economy is player operated.

Do What You Will - Would you like to devote your life to crafting? Or perhaps playing the market to make a fortune? Is adventuring and exploring more your taste? Do what you like, when you wish.