Oblivia: The Lost City is a free to play browser-based science fiction brawler with MMORPG elements set in a dystopic and futuristic urban sprawl named Obliva. You select your character's gender and set off into the sprawl and decay, armed only with your katana and your wits. Ahead of you in the darkness, wealth and glory await those with the strength to claim them; are you one of them? Develop the character you desire by using a classless skill-based character development system. Enjoy near limitless advancement, growing stronger with every foe you overcome. Equip your character with a selection of appearance and stat altering items and power ups! Gameplay in Oblivia: The Lost City is fun, exciting, and rewarding.

Oblivia: The Lost City Key Features

Loads Of Action - Get your trusty katana, your plasma gun, and your favorite wings, and dive into the depths of Oblivia. This post-apocalyptic urban ruin hides secrets and wealth that must be discovered to be believed.

Skill Based Customization - A wide array of active and passive skills allow you to shape your character as you progress and let you play your way. Further customize your character with relics, motors, and wings.

Near Limitless Advancement - Every thug you defeat provides experience that helps you grow. Defeat wave after wave of enemies, face off against the boss, and claim some legendary loot. There is always more to do and farther to go.