Occupy White Walls is a sandbox building and art collection MMORPG set in a world of architecture, unusual characters, and advanced AI. Designed from the ground up by a team of developers who love art and architecture, Occupy White Walls - OWW for short - lets you build your own gallery, examine and comment on all manner of art, social interaction, and more. As you look through journals and works created by artists all over the world, an advanced AI learns your taste in art, from works done by long-dead Dutch masters to literal feces on canvas, and shows you art that suits your tastes. If you like to build, to create, and to express, Occupy White Walls may be for you.

Occupy White Walls Key Features

Build Your Studio, Skyscraper, Whatever - Design your own studio, gallery, or other artistic space from hundreds of different architectural components. Do you want to build a small cozy apartment or a towering Gothic gallery?

Curate A Collection - Once you've created your perfect place, fill it with works of art from artists all around the world. A whole new generation of artists gets exposure, you get to build a collection of awesome art. Soon, you can even upload your own work to Occupy White Walls; everyone wins!

Socialize And Squabble - Create an avatar who looks nothing like you and get into the world. You can speak, argue, wax poetic, whine, and in general interact with others from all around the world, and be part of a dynamic community.