Ocean at War is a free to play browser-based sci-fi Naval Warfare MMORTS game, set 135 years in the future where the Earth has been flooded and has entered a new Ice Age. The action takes place on a vast Ocean dotted with Ice Bases. Build your base, then design and launch powerful fleets to combat the oppressive Federation! Battle with other players and NPC fleets in Real Time using simple controls. Form powerful alliances with other players to dominate Zones! Man is now an ocean-going species, fighting for survival and the precious food sources of the ocean. The Earth is now an Ocean at War!

NOTE: As of May 2018, the game's facebook page and forums are down, and no news has been posted since 2016. Development on the game appears to have been abandoned.

Ocean At War Key Features

Watery Warfare - Build an oceangoing ice fortress and use it as your home base. Here, you can design your ships and fleets, and launch them to complete tasks around the globe. Raid the Federation, battle against NPC fleets, or even face off against other players.

Real Time Combat - Real time battles are fought out using simple controls. You must commit the right forces and make the right decisions to achieve victory. Can you fight well enough to carve out your own hunk of the ocean? Or will you simply be a momentary target for another's guns?