Ocean Legend is a free to play mobile MMORPG featuring naval combat and ocean exploration in the "Age of Discovery" during the 15th and 16th centuries. This is the era when sailors were drawn to the sea by the promises of wealth and fame, exploring the reaches of the world and discovering what lie beyond the horizon. Others were drawn by the allure of easy money, flying the black flag and preying on others on the high seas. Whether you wish to protect the oceans of the world by sailing aboard a large Ship of the Line, explore the unknown in a sleek exploration vessel, or make a fortune aboard a merchantman, adventure is certain!

Ocean Legend Key Features

Choose Your Heritage - Take your pick of four different characters and five different nations. Will you be an English artillerist, a French diviner, or something else?

Accurate Sailing - Wind and weather are the biggest concerns for a sailing ship. Whether you command a powerful battleship or a sleek exploration frigate, the wind is the ultimate master.

Make A Fortune - Trade in cheese, salt, gold, and more! You must try to predict price trends before you set sail; prices can fluctuate wildly during a long voyage.

Direct Your Destiny - You never need PvP if you do not wish. The single player modes offer all the adventure, excitement, and glory you could ever hope for.

Run Out Your Guns - You can challenge other captains to 1 vs 1 duels, team with your guildmates for fleet battles, or even run up the black flag and prey on other players!