Odin Quest is a browser-based action Fantasy MMORPG based on Nordic Myth which immerses you into the role of an adventurer in a world of gods, dragons, and heroes. The outstanding visuals ensure players a real experience in a forgotten magic world, where thrilling dungeons and intense PvP await. Warriors have a lot of HP and do heavy damage. Mages have area-of-effect spells as well as support abilities. Priests are healers above all. Hunters are effective fighting multiple enemies at once. Assassins are the best class to choose for single target fights.

Odin Quest Key Features

Five Different Classes - Choose from Warrior, Mage, Priest, Hunter and Assassin. Which road will you take?

Loads Of Quests - Completing quests is the primary method to get experience. Next to story based quests, there are daily quests, class quests and dungeon quests.

PK System - Players can attack anyone, except guild and party members.

Alliances - Guild quests that deliver special rewards and offer special challenges.

VIP Privileges - Special privileges for extremely devoted players.

Dungeons - Delve the depths of the earth and seek out the greatest treasures.

Pet System - Never travel alone! Animal companions join you in your travels and in facing your challenges.

Player Convenience - Players can gain experience even if they are offline! This is in addition to other convenience features like auto run.