Odyssey RPG is a deck-building card game taking heavy inspiration from Greek mythology. In battles, strategy lies primarily in composing decks and their formations beforehand, then watching the results play out, adjusting accordingly for optimal effectiveness as you gather more cards and face new challenges. With RPG elements added in, such as skills and equipment for Hero cards, Odyssey adds a unique twist to your average deck-building game. Gather heroes and armies from the realms of man, to the depths of Hades, and to the very peaks of Olympus itself to battle against foes and other players. Head into adventure, collect powerful artifacts, and crush all in your way!

Odyssey RPG Key Features

Deckbuilding – Choose cards that best fit your strategy and play style from among a selection of hundreds of beautifully detailed cards.

Epic battles – Encounter untold mythical deities and horrors as you progress through the storyline.

PvP – Face off against other players, figure out the best deck combinations, and climb the leaderboards!

Elite Star cards – Collect or purchase rare cards to give yourself an extra edge in battles.

Heroes – Unique hero cards, each with different skills and abilities, along with items and artifacts they can equip, add further dynamics to battle tactics.

Morale – Aside from one side’s total wipeout, victory or defeat can also be determined by morale, which is affected by losing active cards and destroying opponents’ cards.