Offworld Trading Company is a real time strategy game where money is the player's weapon, not brute military force. Players in Offworld Trading Company stake their claim to various sorts of resources, and then set to work extracting, transporting, and refining them into materials that are used for advanced buildings and upgrades - and which are bought and sold via a real-time, player-driven marketplace. This marketplace is the primary battleground of Offworld Trading Company, and the player with the best business strategy, management of supply and demand, and marketing tactics will generally be the one who wins the day.. and who makes the most money supplying the new colonies being built on Mars. In Offworld trading Company, it's all about the bottom line.

Offworld Trading Company Game Features

No Military - In Offworld Trading Company, the real time market is your battleground, the materials and money you have available your weapons. In Offworld Trading Company, mental acumen wins the day, not the fastest clicks. Make money so you can make more money so you can eventually save mankind and make even more money!

Multiple Business Models - Choose from one of four different business models - from a StartUp Corporation to a Penal Outpost - and use their distinct advantages and quirks to your best advantage.

No "I Win" Resources Or Units - With thirteen different critical resources and a massive, player driven marketplace, no one resource or strategy is the "key" to domination of Mars. No two strategies are the same, and no two games will follow the same path to the same outcome.

Single Or Multiplayer Modes - Players can play in a dynamic single player game that tailors itself to the player's decisions, or they can go head to head with other players and compete for the profits!