Omerta is a text-based, browser-based MMORPG, based on the stories about the legendary Don Barafranca. Set in the 1930's gangster and mafia world, the game is all about status, money and respect. Players get rank points by doing crimes, stealing cars and busting friends out of jail. You can even run you're own organised crime ring, robbing local banks and holding up cars on quiet roads. As you delve deeper into the dark gangster world, many players find other business opportunities, such as gambling clubs, reselling booze and even drug dealing. Can you survive in the life or death world of the gangsters?

Omerta Key Features

Run Your Business - New game players of Omerta choose to start in a city of either USA or Italy, where the mafia has got a large influence even now. One of the more gambling cities, Las Vegas, allows gangsters to try their luck with a wide range of slot machines, black-jack games, and even roulette tables. The latest version of Omerta 3 includes several new features, including a revamped PK system that only permits characters of a similar level to attack each other, many brand-new items at all levels, including items to protect your character when you're offline, new weapons and vehicles.

All In The Family - In a deadly and sometimes cruel world it helps to have allies, both for protection and shared wealth. Many game players have set up families, who will look out for each other until the very end. Families are rich, powerful and can run whole neighborhoods of a city, so you may want to keep on their good side. As you would imagine, they aren't too happy if another player or rival family shoots one of their guys or takes one of their casinos. For those more cautious game players there are other forms of protection, bodyguards, fast getaway vehicles and even bulletproof suits.