One Hour One Life is an ambitious massively multiplayer online survival sandbox of civilization building, parenting, and the human condition. The premise of the game is so simple, yet leads to gameplay experiences that are unbelievably complex. You are born to another player, who is (in game) quite literally your mother. Your entire lifetime spans only a single hour, so you must have babies of your own in the form of other players and leave a legacy for the next generation! Work together with other players, always taking a long term view of things, as you help to rebuild civilization from scratch. What goes around comes around, as eventually you'll be reborn to reap the rewards of your previous labors! Every life is different and unique!

One Hour One Life Key Features

Live Fast - You are born as the child of another player, and you must hit the ground running. Your whole life will last only one hour, so do your best to have children (other players) and leave the world better than you found it.

Leave A Legacy - Whatever you build in one lifetime will benefit - or harm - future generations. As you will come back again and again, take good care of yourself preemptively... or make a mess of things, if you like!

Social Experience - One Hour One Life is an innately social game experience; everything you do impacts not only yourself, but the other players around you. If you're born to wealth, do you squander it, or use it to benefit those yet to come?