One Tower is a fast paced, free to play micro MOBA with a focus on strategy and skill, pitting two players against one another in epic duels. Players will be able to unleash waves of minions and command powerful heroes, and they must be prepared to both assault their enemy's tower and to defend their own. Whether you use your swords, spells, and skill to protect yourself, or to invade enemy territory, one thing is certain; you had better be ready to fight! One Tower combines popular design and gameplay elements from both MOBAs and RPGs in the fantastic world of Eternal Flame. With weekly updates, competitive play at all levels, and the diversity of cross-platform play powered by the cutting edge Unity 5 engine, One Tower provides exciting fun for everyone!

One Tower Key Features

Accessible And Fun - One Tower was created to be easier to learn and less intimidating for new players than many traditional MOBAs. Play for free, cross platform, with people from around the world, and simply focus on having fun!

Arcade Style Battle - Pick up speed boosts, damage modifiers and health on the map to gain an edge. Set traps to surprise your enemy, and crush them with superior skills!

Lots Of Choices - Customize your tower and choose from 12 different champions and more than 30 different minions, with more options added regularly. Play on PC, Mac, and Linux!

Experience The World - Play through a learning and campaign mode to experience the Eternal Flame universe and learn more about the lore and story of One Tower.