Onigiri is an Anime-themed Free-to-Play Action MMORPG with a fast weapon changing battle system.What makes Onigiri different from most other MMORPGs is the fact that it coincides with an actual manga. The game follows the chapters of the manga, and this is reflected in gameplay, story, and art. While traveling through the story players can choose to either group with other players or fight alongside up to 8 NPC companions. With simple controls, you can dive into the thrilling world of Onigiri. Build your team, grab your weapons, and battle through the Youkai!

Onigiri Key Features

Exciting Action Filled Battles - With simple controls, you can dive into the thrilling world of Onigiri.Switch between weapons to battle through the Youkai.

Fast Weapon Changing - Each weapon can have up to 5 skills, 3 normal and 2 Ougi skills. Use them to your advantage

Read the Manga, Experience The Story - Onigiri has its own Manga, letting players be more familiar with the world, as well as the NPCs they will meet in their journey in this fictional Japan

Partner System - As you raise the Affection levels of the Partners who travel with you, their powers and strength will grow.

Enhance Your Weapons - Weapons with higher Attack powers will serve you better than a weak one in battle, so always prepare to be at full strength

Magatama - Equip up to 4 Magatamas to bolster your defenses as you proceed through the main quest.