Operation 7 is a free-to-play MMOFPS developed by ParkESM and published by MGame. Operation 7 presents itself as a highly realistic FPS game, and playable characters can be customized by changing equipped items and weapons. Choose between several character models so you don't look like other players. It even sports female playable characters! More important aspects are weapon customization. Operation 7 weapons are made of 6 different parts. Take note that sound effects are highly important in this game. Players' awareness will be raised as they must camouflage not just their movement but also the noise they make. Operation 7 is a game that will heighten your senses and sharpen your skills; can you handle it?

Operation 7 Game Key Features

Many Players, Many Game Modes - Teams of up to 12 players can go head to head in diverse matches. Choose from Deathmatch, Headhunting, Survival, Demolition, and Hold the Line. Which mode will be your favorite?

Diverse And Immersive - Experience more than 700 sounds across 15 detailed maps in different sizes, settings, and peculiarities. Which maps or experiences will be your favorite?

Customize Your Weapons - The 6 component parts of a weapon: body, barrel, barrel cover, magazine, sight and butt plate can be changed. Customize your guns and make them more suitable for different scenarios!