Operation Gamma 41 (OG41) is a strategy MMORTS set in the year 1941 when the world is mired in war and players must strategically help to decide the outcome. There are two factions, the "Free Confederation" and "Allied Imperial Force". By administering the development and protection of a newly established base, you take over control of allied or axis units. Depending on the chosen side the player will face death squadrons, sabotage, rebel, and special ops units. Base commanders can join forces and capture new territories as well as defend your own as a team. Additionally, high command will contact officers and send them on top secret special missions. The core of the game will be around city building and resource management.

Operation Gamma 41 Game Features:

Three Factions - Choose between Allies and Axis factions, and brace yourself for a brutal encounter with an unknown faction.

Competitive Combat Modes - Challenge your enemies in arena duels, single and Co-op mode, conquer their capitals and forge powerful alliances with your friends.

Create unique War Heroes - Choose between various, powerful, customizable and upgradable war leaders with different skills, status and breed your own heroes.

Direct Battle Control - Control your ground and airborne troops – move and attack in real time.

Unique Player Driven Story Line and World Events - Your choices shape the world and the events that happen in it.