Operation X is an exciting online multi-player action RPG for PC Browser and Mobile in which you slip into the role of an international agent. Travel through Europe’s cities on the search for information that will help in putting an end to criminal organisations and crime in general. This free RPG offers exciting time, fighting and skill based missions. Improve your abilities while playing Operation X, rise up in levels and improve your equipment.

Following in the footsteps of the main character and the top agent Solveigh Lang, you’ll join the secret organization ECSB and thus start your career as a spy. In your role as a top spy, you’ll follow hidden clues leading to criminals in order to hunt them down and reveal their identity. On top of that, you can use training fights to compete with other players and climb up the ranks to become number one. Team up with friends or other agents to fight crime together or to compete with other agent teams in team fights. Now go begin your career!

Operation X Key Key Features

Live The Life - Get the cool gear, special privileges, and all the other perks of being a secret agent.

Train With Other Agents - Team up and train with friends and get better at saving the world.

Defend The Free World - Put a stop to the would be super-criminals operating in all of Europe!