OrbusVR is a groundbreaking fantasy virtual reality MMO for the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift which lets you experience an open world as never before. Your journey begins in a humble village, and a quest to aid the Guild and keep your friends safe. This seemingly simple task will lead to an adventure that spans the entire realm. Make new friends and foes as you grow in power and unlock your inner ability. This world is filled with danger -- from the creatures which lurk in the deep wood to the citadels you must conquer to achieve your goals. Your best hope of survival is to seek out allies who can aid you in your endeavors. Find your place in the world, and uncover its secrets!

OrbusVR Key Features

Choose Your Discipline - The path you will follow is a big choice. The mystical Runemage, the crafty Musketeer, the resourceful Ranger, and the resilient Warrior all stand ready! Which will you choose?

Diverse Factions - Will you throw your lot in with the zealous Order of M'aat? Will you find strength in mercantile might with the Guild? Or will you stay to the shadows with the Followers of Khabor?

Deep Crafting - From alchemy to simple fishing, resource gathering and crafting are important components of OrbusVR. Artificers craft the finest armors, Alchemists brew potent potions, and more!

Open World PvP - It is possible to attack others outside of the safe areas near towns and cities. However, if you do, you'll be branded a criminal. Once you’re a criminal, there’s a bounty on your head, and you’re fair game for anyone brave enough to bring you to justice!