Order & Chaos 2 is a free to play fantasy mobile MMORPG which invites players to explore a vast open world as their character seeks redemption. At the end of the first Order & Chaos game, the heroes' valiant actions to destroy an evil artifact were in vain. The heroes were destroyed, and evil dominated the land, for nearly 600 years. However, light has began to return to the land, and the heroes themselves have also returned! The heroes began to be reborn into this new world, given a rare second chance to save it from the coming evil and redeem themselves. You are one of those heroes.

Order & Chaos 2 Key Features

Create Your Hero - Choose from 5 races - Orc, Human, Elf, Mendel, and Kratan - and then choose your class. Take your pick of Blood Knight, Mage, Ranger, Monk, or Warrior! As you explore and adventure, both your character and your equipment can advance and grow.

True Open World MMO - Explore a vast and unique open world brought to life with stunning graphics. Multiple factions and thousands of NPCs form a rich and interactive game world. With controls optimized for mobile devices, the freedom of choice and character development of an MMORPG is now in your hand.

Work Together Or Not - You can team up with other players, and work to overcome the toughest PvE challenges. Or, you can go head to head in open world PvP, or even in 1 vs 1 duels. Form guilds, sell to other players on the auction house, adventure together - the "multiplayer" in MMO is not forgotten in Order & Chaos 2.