Order of Magic is a third person PvP action and fantasy game which lets you wield a vast array of magical powers. If you are looking for a real Action MMO with modern graphics and leveling - Your search is over! Welcome to the Order of Magic - a new game with a fashionable control system (non-target) and excellent graphics. You have to test yourself in intense battles, not only in the arenas, but also in the open world where there are no rules and restrictions. Shoot and run, hide behind cover and dodge punches - the outcome of each match is unpredictable and depends on your skills. Step up and bring your magic - you'll need it!

Order Of Magic Key Features

Tamer: the Fire Element Mage - Tamers usually attack from medium range, but those who dare to approach will immediately feel the weight of the fire staff. Tamers specialize in AOE damage. They are able to drain the opponent's vitality, to stop large groups of enemies at one or create indestructible barriers. You will have to plan ahead and be careful, your actions can be your team's salvation or death.

Paladin: Synthesis Element Mage - Paladins are melee masters. Thanks to the synthesis energy, paladins can instantly overcome tens of meters to face the enemy, and then inflict a series of crushing blows. If the opponent tries to fight back, a paladin will create a shield of light absorbing some damage. You will have to meet your enemy face to face - prepare for deadly melee action.

Ranger: Air Element Mage - Range attack is their main advantage. Their accuracy is unparalleled, few can get to them face to face. Those who dare risk being blown up by a mine, and if they manage to get through will be stabbed. You will have to aim fast - and never forget to buy arrows.