Origins of Malu is a science fiction action and adventure game set on an alien world with rich gameplay and diverse, immersive settings. is a universe teeming with freedom, creativity, and power; the power to be who you want to be and the ability to play how you want to play. This is a game built by gamers for gamers. OoM brings soul into the world by immersing players in a rich environment filled with detailed storylines and interactive gameplay. Actions made by players will change the physical environment of the world, creating everlasting changes that continue to affect the world long after they were set in motion. Ambitious players can even control open areas on the world, building their own homes there for all to see or hidden deep in some forgotten lands.

Origins Of Malu Key Features

Large Scale Battleground - Explore a vast world filled with things to see and discover.

Sandbox Freedom - Build the world as you see fit! Rotate and place components and build whatever suits you.

NPCs With Intelligent AI - The NPC characters who populate the world behave in ways that make sense.

Full Customization of Characters - Currently in development. Create a character who suits you and reflects your tastes.

Basic Vehicles And Mounts - Currently in development. Ride in style across this vast land.

Classless Skill-Based Character Development - Build the exact character you want, to suit your playstyle.