ourWorld is a free to play browser virtual online modern fantasy world from FlowPlay where players can create a custom avatar and then socialize or complete a wide range of internal games and activities. Players receive an avatar which is fully customizable, and a condo to live in which they may then decorate and arrange, and which serves as a personal retreat when not playing the internal games. Players earn Flow, an in-game currency, by eating, drinking, playing games, and completing activities within ourWorld. Players may then spend their Flow to purchase new dance moves, outfits, vehicles, and even access to new areas. ourWorld is an online community, a social game, a gaming suite, and more!

ourWorld Key Features

Show Your Stuff - Customize your avatar's clothes, enter dance offs, and throw the best parties around! Hang out with your friends and coordinate your moves!

Collect Stuff - Customize your condo and yourself with furniture, clothing, and items purchased with Flow! From cool new tattoos to a hoverboard, your efforts and talents will pay off

Do Stuff! - Compete in games and contests and complete activities to earn Flow and fame, or simply hang out with friends and socialize; ourWorld is full of fun stuff to do!