Out Of Reach is an MMO survival game set in the Age of Sail that puts you into the waterlogged shoes of a shipwreck survivor in the middle of nowhere. The storm has passed, but your struggle for survival has just begun. The island you find yourself on is out of the way, for certain, but it is far from the desert island of nautical fame. You must scavenge for food and resources to make weapons, shelters, and gear you might need. You must do your best to keep healthy and manage your energy use, hunger, and more. You must also take care to watch over your shoulder; you may not be the only shipwrecked castaway here, after all.

Out Of Reach Key Features

Survive The Storm - You must scavenge for everything you will need to survive. It is up to you and your wits to take care of needs like food and water, weapons and shelter. Oh, and be careful; you're not alone.

A Pirate's Life - Arm yourself with pistols, sabers, and other weapons. Use a sailboat to navigate these islands, and travel to new areas. Take what you can, and give nothing back!

Scavenge The Coast - After every storm, more ships can be wrecked on these dangerous shoals. Go see if you can find some useful items or even a treasure chest! Don't forget to dive and check for sunken treasure, too.

You're Not Alone - Sometimes pirate ships will visit the island, providing you a chance to trade for goods and get news of the outside world. Sometimes they come ashore, too - stay out of bullet range if they do.

Achieve And Overcome - You can unlock all sorts of achievements as you play through Out of Reach, and you can do so while playing alone, or with (or against!) other players online.