OverKings is a free-to-play browser-based flash MMORPG where fantasy meets legend and legends become reality in real-time 3D battles. Fight as a hero for glory and honor slaying deadly monsters and defeating enemy players in bloody conflict. Explore a magical world filled with epic adventure while enjoying all the perks of a client based MMORPG without a huge download.

Discover your own path to greatness – pick one of eight unique characters and use dozens of devastating abilities to defeat enemies in five distinctive regions of Yvernia! Uncover the mysteries of the world consumed by darkness – more than two thousand quests are waiting for you to reveal their story! Forge your name in history – use developed crafting and trading systems to your advantage! Find hundreds of different achievements to complete during your journey! Fight on highly competitive tournaments to prove your strength and skill among other players! Invite your friends in this world and fight alongside them to defeat even the most powerful foes! Join with your friends to form a Clan and face other Clans in massive PvP battles and Castle Sieges!
Become the ultimate warrior, the ruler of the lands.

Overkings takes place in a world devastated by a magically cataclysm that destroyed all things peaceful in its wake and has forced the survivors to take up arms against demons and ghouls to protect what remains of their scattered villages. It is a 2.5D action game that also integrates elements of crafting, hero customization, and town building into the overarching theme of the game. Fight together with thousands of others in an epic quest for glory!

Become the Overking!

NOTE: The English version of Overkings has shut down. The Russian version and servers are still live.