Overpower is a fantasy shooter that combines class-based RPG style progression with dynamic, fast-paced MOBAesque combat. Battle opponents across all sorts of fantastic locations, complete PvP based quests, and earn wealth and fame. Overpower was designed to be simple for new players to learn, yet deep and tactically diverse enough to take years to master. Select from a number of unique classes and seek out new gear and new abilities as you learn to master your profession. Can you take up arms and claim fame and glory, and Overpower any who stand against you?

Overpower Key Features

Fast Paced Combat - Overpower features fast, twitch based combat, inspired by games like Quake and Unreal Tournament. Be quick or be dead!

Four Classes - Four playable classes, each with distinct strengths and weaknesses, offer choice; will you be a Warrior, an Assassin, or a Sorcerer?

Many Skills - There are more than 70 different class based abilities for players to learn and master. This diversity offers an immense breadth of tactical and gameplay options.

Male Or Female - Players may choose the gender of any character, just like in an MMORPG; you are not pigeonholed into class bound avatars or gender

Teamwide Buffs - Heals, defensive and movement buffs, and more are applied teamwide! Careful planning and timing of these boosts is game changing.