Oversoul is a free-to-play card-based fantasy MMO, which focuses on turn-based PvP combat, developed by Artix Entertainment. This battle card MMO plays right inside your browser! Collect different characters and cards by battling over 190 monsters and other defeating players in turn-based combat. Cut the deck and hit’em hard in high-score leaderboard tournaments. Although the game is free to play, players can unlock additional content with Soul Gems. Explore the world and use battle cards to fight monsters or even other players. Winning a battle against a monster will give you a chance to possess it! If you are successful, you will add that monster to your collection. You can play as any monster in your collection and level it up! Use the play button at the top of the screen to play! Login using your Artix Entertainment "One Login to Rule Them All!" or create a new account.

Oversoul Key Features

Turn-Based Card Battles - Engage in turn-based strategic combat with OverSoul's card game battle system.

Collect Monsters - Defeat monsters for a chance to possess them.

PvE and PvP - Fight monsters in OverSoul or challenge thousands of other players to PvP combat!

Possess Several Forms - Possess the forms of Neutral, Good, and Evil creatures like Wizards, Knights, Demons, and even Dragons!

Soul Gems - Unlock extra content with soul gems and unleash real power!