Oz Online is a 3D social MMORPG and virtual world from Korea, developed by Oz Intermedia. Oz World can offer a breath of fresh air to your life. You play in another world which takes place in a modern city. This game promotes community and friendship. Players can explore a virtual world, fish, decorate a home and their avatars. It still has a community of veteran gamers, and has more features to offer these days. There are no enemies to defeat so it really plays like a virtual world. If you party up and fish, you get experience faster!

Oz Online Key Features

Player Housing - Get your own place, and customize it to suit you and your tastes. Show it off to friends!

Customize Your Avatar - Choose who you want to be in OZ Online, and then become them!

Fishing - Come wet a line and pursue the wily sportfish of this fantastic world. Can you catch 'em all?

Marriage - Find the love of your life. Get wed in game and start anew as two!

Ranks - Climb through the ranks by completing challenges and content!

Never Get Lost - There are different zones and towns to play in. If you get lost, you can ask Elf. Elf is an OZ helper and shows players how to play between level 1 and 10.