The peaceful world of Palia is like a breath of fresh air. The unique community sim is the product of industry veterans hoping to reimagine what an MMORPG could be. Social and explorative elements are championed over incessant combat. And relaxation is paramount to the player experience.

Within Palia, humans - the playable race - are legendary. Having vanished thousands of years ago at the pinnacle of their existence, the once familiar race has started to reappear to a strange but friendly world. And what a world it is.

Palia’s enchanting graphics and breathtaking landscapes have drawn comparisons to Breath of the Wild. While its soothing mechanics are akin to titles like Animal Crossing. Charismatic characters and tranquil activities such as fishing will keep fans engaged. Whilst an ever-winding story evolves with the players themselves.

Palia Key Features

Relaxing Gameplay - Cook, fish, garden, craft, and explore at leisure. While other MMOs revel in pitting player against player, Palia encourages cooperation and civility in a tranquil world. Build skills in particular activities and earn new abilities with which to continue making progress.

Uncover Mysteries - There are questions to be answered and plenty of ways to help shed light on the perplexing fate of the human race. Deciding whether to pursue the threads or keep to themselves is up to the player. But an ever-evolving storyline awaits ready to be moulded and uncovered by Palia’s new inhabitants.

Turn a House into a Home - Players can own their very own homestead, and make it theirs. Decorate interiors whilst working on the exteriors through gardening and turn neighbours green with envy. Endless customisation possibilities await, making it a perfect conduit to unleash creativity.

Social Mechanics - Palia is a social game first and foremost. Meeting (and even romancing) its colourful cast of characters is one thing, but playing together with friends is paramount to the experience. And no matter how far players have progressed, they will always be able to play with their friends.