Pantropy is a unique science fiction and Mech / FPS hybrid with RPG and survival elements, with a strong emphasis on both PVE and PVP gameplay, set on a hostile alien world. Pantropy also offers a wide open sandbox world to explore, with secrets and powerful artifacts to discover. Three factions - two player factions and one NPC group - fight for control of this strange land, squabbling over scarce and valuable resources. Fight against the opposite player faction and capture global points of interest and defend them from your enemies. Claim back your land and destroy their bases while constructing your own. Your actions will shape the world and dictate further events, so choose and plan wisely.

Pantropy Key Features

In-Depth Crafting System - Nearly every item in the game is player made. Resources and those who refine them are thus in high demand; after all, a war cannot be won without weapons.

PvE And PvP Play - Explore and fight against hostile enemies in PvE mode, or take on the opposing player faction in PvP. Whichever, whenever, its up to you!

Loads Of Mechs - Command and fight in five different types of mechs, with more on the way. There are even multi-crew vehicles that a group of players can control together.

Work Together - Teamwork essential in Pantropy. Whether you're fighting a battle or building a base, working together with guildmates and following a coherent plan is key to victory.