Panzar, also known as Panzar: Forged by Chaos, is an action MMO with an RPG twist with a heavy and healthy focus on PvP. Panzar has something for everyone! while Boasting engaging combat mechanics and unique character design, you can immerse yourself in the world and the gameplay. The unusual melding of traditional fantasy with darker and steampunk elements shows through, particularly in the graphics. The world of Chaos awaits, with exotic locations to battle across and challenging opponents to overcome. Can you master the skills and speed necessary to survive here? Or will you fall and be forgotten?

Panzar Key Features

Eight Dynamic Classes - Choose from a variety of combat and support classes. Will you take the path of the Sister of Fire, and rain fiery death down on all? Or will you walk the path of the Paladin, or the Gunner, or someone else?

Fantastic Locations - From the snowy spurs of Thorgor Ridge to the halls of Uncle Gkha's Secret School of Military Arts, a world of battlefields awaits! Which locations will you see first? Which will be your favorite?

Many Game Modes - From King of the Hill to Rugby to Domination, six different game modes challenge all comers. Will you master all of them, or will one become your focus? Which one?