Panzer General Online offers deep, strategic turn-based gameplay set in World War II, which allows you to test your skill against other players or play in a historically inspired single player campaign. Lead American troops through the Italian campaign, from the landings in Sicily to the climactic battle at Monte Cassino. Land with the allies at Normandy, or push through the forests around Bastogne with the German forces during the Battle of the Bugle. You can also play scenarios based on the Eastern Front, and command the Soviet army as they dash to the heart of Germany. After honing your skills against the AI, you can compete against other players worldwide in several multiplayer modes. Do you have what it takes to win the climactic battles of the Second World War?

Panzer General Online Key Features

Build Your Forces - Collect new units and upgrade your deck between missions. Compose and boost your personal army from tanks, infantry, artillery, and myriad support units.

Single of Multiplayer - You can fight against the AI and recreate some of the fiercest battles of the War, or you can face off against players from around the world!

Outfight and Outmaneuver - You must outsmart your enemies and use the right tactics at the right time; a well timed airstrike or infantry assault can be the difference between total victory and crushing defeat!

Many Modes - Compete in Survival where the possible reward rises with every victory, fight a short skirmish or compete in Ranked Battles to conquer the top of the leaderboards.