Path of Exile is an online free-to-play action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast, a dark and brutal world, marked by catastrophe and inhabited by creatures of nightmarish darkness. With a strong focus on trade and economy, deep character customization, and competitive PvP, Path of Exile promises players a very different experience, with none of the cartoonish lightheartedness of many of its contemporaries. Choose a class, begin your journey and master your skills and yourself as you immerse yourself in this dark, gritty world.

Path Of Exile Key Features

Passive Skill System - All of the character classes in Path of Exile share one massive passive skill tree; a character's class determines their starting location on the tree, but the direction a character advances in is totally up to the player. You can even use gems to alter the exact effect of any individual skill. Create exactly the character class that you wish to play!

Always A New World - In Path of Exile, all world areas - indoors and outdoors - are randomly generated, and are instanced for your party. You will never visit the same wilderness twice, and even the creatures abilities will be generated randomly, as are the treasures they guard.

Item Based Economy - Items are generated via the same random mechanic which generates instances, and can be modified by using orbs, or sold to others through the online trade system.

Leagues And Events - Players can take part in several types of ranked gameplay, from PvP matchups to leveling races of varying duration. Do you have what it takes to compete and survive in a Turbo mode league, where the monsters move and attack 60% faster than normal?

True Free To Play - Path of Exile is a true free to play experience. There are no golden ammo or Pay to Win mechanics here!