Perfect World International is a beautiful, free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG where the inhabitants of a pristine Perfect World must fight against the Wraith, a horde of undead creatures who wish only to destroy. The world is open and beautiful, and players can experience it on foot or in the skies! Explore deep dungeons, complete quests, craft new items, fight for control in fierce PvP battles, and more! Perfect World International is widely known for its near limitless character customization options, allowing you to personalize virtually everything about your character. From open world PvP to a vast player controlled market to an open, fully explorable world, Perfect World is a perfect fit for everyone!

Perfect World International Key Features

Six Races, Twelve Classes - Select from six races; Nightshade, Humans, Winged Elves, Untamed, Tideborn and Earthguards, and then choose from one of twelve classes, from Archers and Barbarians to Psychics and Mystics. Who will you be?

Immersive PVE Content - Explore a huge, open world free of load times, journey through dark dungeons in search of the best treasures, and more!

PvP Fun For Everyone - From open world PvP to fierce guild battles for control of territory, there is PvP for everyone to enjoy - if they choose to!

More Than Sword Swinging - Perfect World International offers loads to do outside of combat and questing; design costumes, craft items, and play the vast player-run market!