Peria Chronicles is an anime themed 3D fantasy MMORPG with a unique classless character creation system and beautiful cell shaded art. The game also has a focus on user created content, and players can create their own maps, quests, towns, and more, and then share their work with others. With a combat system somewhat reminiscent of Pokemon, you gain skills from monsters you defeat, growing as you go. You can also capture and train monsters, too, who you can then summon later to aid you in your adventures! Peria Chronicles is equal parts social MMO, sandbox, and monster collecting game. Create a character, set off for adventure, and find some monsters!

Peria Chronicles Key Features

Beautiful Graphics - The anime styled and cell shaded are is gorgeous, and brought to live with seamless animation. You feel like you're in an anime film.

User Generated Content Players help create the world by making everything from quests and maps to animated cutscenes.

Collect Monsters Monsters known as Kirana are awaiting discovery. You can capture them, and then summon them to fight at your side!

Custom Game Modes All objects in the game are interactive and customizable. You can create all sorts of game modes.

Expressive Character Creation – The character creator in Peria Chronicles allows you to make your very own anime character, with a whole slew of customization options!