Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie, often simply referred to as Phantomgate, is a side scrolling mobile RPG based on Norse mythology. Set off on an epic adventure through the realm of Midgard with the heroine, a young Valkyrie named Astrid, and take on the Gods themselves! Odin has taken Astrid's mother captive, and Astrid will stop at nothing to save her from the clutches of the Mad God. On her quest, Astrid will meet a bunch of friends, discover her true powers, and discover loads of summonable allies named Phantoms. Journey between worlds, solving challenging puzzles and engaging in strategic turn-based battles with Phantoms ranging from small, cat-like critters to intimidating Orc warriors. Can you save Midgard from the darkness that threatens to destroy it?

Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie Key Features

A Tale Of Heroes - Astrid and her companions must learn about their own powers before they can hope to take on the darkness. As you explore this strange realm, they will gain in strength and power, and the tale will be told!

Control The Phantoms - Hundreds of different Phantoms await discovery, and most can evolve through multiple levels. The tempting Dokkalfr. the mystical Unicorn, and the powerful Wukong are but three of the Phantoms eager to join your quest.

Real Time PvP - For those heroes bold and brave, PvP awaits! Test your Phantoms - and your strategies - against players from all around the world in real-time PVP battles. Can you and your Phantoms defeat all challengers?