Phoenix Dynasty 2 is an free to play Asian MMORPG with more focus on engaging content and exploration than on pretty graphics. Get ready for mystical adventures in the world of Azuria, a world modeled on Eastern fantasy and mysticism. If you like boss killing sprees with friends and 24/7 PvP maps, and you don't care much about cutting edge graphics, Phoenix Dynasty 2 might be for you. Loads of events, both PvP and PvE, keep players of all types engaged and involved, and a focus on multiplayer content encourages you to team up with old friends or to make some new ones. If you enjoy Asian MMORPGs and old school MMO mechanics and gameplay, give Phoenix Dynasty 2 a deeper look.

Phoenix Dynasty 2 Key Features

Lots Of PvP - Tackle tough bosses 24/7 in a persistent PvP map, but be ready to fight for them. Or face off against other players in special events like Village War and City War, and capture territory, glory, and loot. Other special PvP live events are frequent.

Diverse PvE Modes - Escort caravans and work with other players to complete Caravan Challenges. Team up and face off against world bosses. Delve into deep and dangerous dungeons in search of wealth and danger!

Asian MMO Mechanics - An auto bot and auto direction system, common in MMORPGs in China and other countries in Asia, is one of many convenience features in the game, as is a cash shop where players can spend money to gain some advantages. This model is not for everyone, but many players do enjoy it.