Piercing Blow is an online FPS game with fast-paced action, thrilling shooting effects, and quicker response times. Piercing Blow's epic battles, intense combat and amazing visual impact will put you in the middle of the action and challenge your skills at a whole new level!

Piercing Blow takes place in the country of Korogese. As the Korogese has rapidly risen through the ranks of the world powers, the collision was inevitable. So fast, that the piecemeal government can no longer sustain itself and has been taken over by the massive corporations and merchants that grew out of its success. Now that the country has matured, and the populace is at peace, these same corporations are seeking to disarm the general populace with the promise of laws to protect the innocent and police to keep the peace.

But not all are so willing to accept this new form of peace. A group of rebels have risen from the ranks of the old defenders that kept their borders safe during their rise to power and formed a militia bent on making sure the corporations of Korogese never control the government. They refuse to be disarmed and will not listen to the will of the country's corporate masters. Calling on the tactics and skills that gave them the power to maintain the country's peace is years passed, they now seek to dismantle the machinations of the powerful corporations and merchants through guerilla warfare.

From the corporations came Aegis Inc, a powerful, highly trained, para-military group that seeks to create a utopian society. From the groups of civilian rebels arose the Corps, a skilled militia that holds to their rights as citizens and the upholders of the original Korogesian government. Both are fighting for their country, both are struggling to survive. Choose your side!

Piercing Blow Key Features

Choose Your Character - Eight different characters await. Keen Eyes, Tarantula, and more stand ready. Who will be your favorite?

Diverse Game Modes - Death Match, Defense, Escape, Destroy... so many modes you'll never master them all. Or will you?

Immersive Locations - Nearly 50 different maps await, covering every conceivable type of location!