Pirate Galaxy is an intense, browser-based flight-action space shooter, featuring thousands of quests and challenges. Prepare yourself for an unrivalled MMO experience as you explore a vast universe with a countless number of planets. Conquer the enemy forces and retrieve secret artifacts and valuable treasures! It’s all yours for the taking! Unlike most Browser-Based MMORPG games, Pirate Galaxy looks and plays exactly like an MMORPG that would normally require a large download and install. This isn't a text-based MMORG; Pirate Galaxy will see you take to the stars and fight off hordes of enemy pirates while piloting your very own spaceship.

Pirate Galaxy puts you in the shoes of a smuggler in one of mankind’s last remaining colonies. Outnumbered by alien forces with the fear of a final attack looming, your colony is on the verge of extinction. Out of the desperate and hopeless situation the population finds itself in, an abundance of space pirates have emerged with the intent of getting their hands on valuable Cryonite crystals. With the Mantis on the attack, will the colonial forces and pirate outlwas withstand their common enemy? Take back what is yours and fight for the survival of the galaxy!

Pirate Galaxy Key Features

Free-to-play MMO - No installs or contracts required. Play anytime!

Dynamic And Immersive - Experience rich 3D graphics and a vast world to explore.

Pulse Pounding Combat - Extensive battle system with intense, tactical spaceship combat

Gripping Storyline - A densely packed storyline and that will keep you at the edge of your seat!