Pirate King International is a free to play online browser game influenced by the One Piece anime and manga. Experience the thrill and adventure as a pirate in search of the legendary One Piece. Set sail on the open seas and seek out fame, adventure, and most important of all, treasure! With cameos from the popular One Piece title, you will also be in charged of teaming with the major characters such as Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Robin, Buggy, Frankie, Tony Tony Chopper, Brooke, Shirahoshi, and lots lots more! Come in and join the fun!

Pirate King International Key Features

Cameo Characters From One Piece - Meet characters you know and love from the smash hit manga and anime, One Piece!

Delightful Graphics - Enjoy the bright, colorful, anime styles graphics and immerse yourself in this land. The story and characters are delightful.

Search The Seas For Fabled Treasures - Wealth and treasure await, if you're willing to seek it out. You might even find the legendary One Piece itself!

Cement Your Legacy - Become the most legendary pirate of all the seas! Soon your flag will be feared in every port of every land.

Browser Convenience - There are no contracts, no downloads, just easy fun gameplay. You can login and play anytime, anywhere!