Pirate101 is a free to play MMORPG for kids from the creators of Wizard101, widely considered to be the best children's MMORPG available today. Set in the same universe, The Spiral, Pirate101 sets players on a full-featured adventure, allowing them to take control of their own flying pirate ship, customise and upgrade their characters and companions and compete in turn-based battles alone or seamlessly join alongside other players. Players in Pirate101 explore a magical world, sail their ship in search of adventure and treasure, and simply enjoy a kid-safe pirate game that the whole family can enjoy. Set sail for fun and adventure, mateys! Arr!

Pirate101 Key Features

Customize Your Ship - Every good pirate captain needs a fast pirate ship; players here are free to customize their vessel. Will the silhouette of your sails on the horizon cause other captains to run and hide?

Search For Treasure - Whether through boss battles or claimed from captured enemy vessels, Pirate101 is full of custom goodies! From points earned in minigames to swords and outfits claimed from bosses, it's all about the loot!

Train Your Crew - A good pirate captain needs two things; a fast ship, and a tough crew. Recruit and train your crew and make your ship into a lean, mean, treasure-seeking machine!

Compete In PvP - Enter ranked or unranked matches against other players and claim fortune and glory! Are your ship and crew good enough to overcome the challenge?

Kid Safe - With numerous layers of online security, Pirate101 places enormous emphasis on being a kid safe game and providing a fun online experience.