Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a pirate-themed online browser war strategy game made for true pirates, buccaneers, and gentlemen o’ fortune! Seasoned sailors on the MMORTS seas can jump right into the action, while landlubbers can chart a new course under the guidance of their very own pirate mentor, the lovely Captain Bonnie Anne O'Malley. Pirates: Tides of Fortune features dazzling 3D graphics and artwork, fully-voiced characters, and rich storylines! So, grab your cutlass, raise your fleet, and build your Pirate Haven as you battle rival Captains for plunder and mastery of the Seven Seas!

Pirates: Tides of Fortune Key Features

Cooperative Gameplay - Join or create your own Pirate Brotherhood to battle side by side with your shipmates.

Live Chat - Talk to your Brotherhood members and other worldwide players in real-time. Join tens of thousands of other players from around the world!

Seize Lands - Capture, fortify, and defend map locations together with your friends!

Over 24 Different Units – Choose your crew and build a pirate fleet. Swashbucklers, buccaneers, and hearts of oak, all!

Cooperative Global Quests And Single Players Campaigns – Work with players worldwide to complete special missions or chart your own adventure!

Glory To The Victor - Master game-changing discoveries while engaging in Trade, Warfare, and Diplomacy.