Pit of War is a free online browser based game where players take control of their very own slave stables, and train their slaves to be gladiators. In the Great Realm there is only one sport that matters; The Pit. Players will match their slaves up against one another in a battle to the death, training them into fierce gladiators from one of three styles of fighting. Buy slaves, equip and train them then send them off to battle. Improve their skills every day to turn them into killing machines, tweak their strategies and turn them into exactly the killer you want them to be. Pit of War offers an extremely polished browser game that takes old school browser game elements and gives them a fresh new look.

Pit Of War Key Features

Take Charge - As 'Master' of your own school you will manage, discipline and train brutal Gladiators, pushing them to become the deadliest fighters imaginable in the arts of death.

Enter The Pit - The beating heart of the Great Realm is the The Pit, where baying crowds hunger for ever more violent spectacles to sate their appetite for mayhem. Prepare to face off against other players in the Pit of War!

Three Paths - Each fighter must choose a specialty. Will your Gladiators be unstoppable engines of Rage? Will they use tactics and the arts of War? Or will they achieve fame by pleasing the crowd through Theatrics?