PixARK is a multiplayer online survival game set in a fantastic world of mystery, danger, ancient dinosaurs, mythical beasts, and construction cubes! This is a hostile world and the odds are set against you. To survive, you must be ready to gather materials to craft useful items both technological and magical, tame wild animals, and build a shelter out of cubes. Along the way, danger is certain, so be ready to run, hide, or fight! You can go it alone, worrying only about number one, or you can team up with other players, form a strong tribe, and work together to build a fortress and repel attackers of all types. You can even ride a dragon while shooting fire at your enemies from a magic wand!

PixARK Key Features

Unique Experience - Option-rich character creation, proceedurally generated quests, and an infinite array of Voxel based maps ensure your adventure is always unique. It is never the same experience twice.

Play As You Wish - You are free to spend your time taming the nearly 100 different types of tamable animals, exploring deep caverns, building impregnable Voxel fortresses, crafting useful items, questing... the options are as vast as the world!

Play Together - Team up with other players, combining your labor and resources, and build something amazing and enduring. Or go it alone, and steal what you can from others!