Pixel Hero is a free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG with an anime-feel to it. The game combines the virtual and the real and creates an unrestrained world that you, as a player, can explore. Find your favorite characters from numerous anime and novels and beat the most powerful enemies. Join in adventures with some of the cutest chibi characters around, and explore endless possible strategies.

Pixel Hero Key Features

Massive Teams - Form a colossal team of up to 25 heroes instead of just a 4-member team as is common in most games.

A Variety of Skills - As in most RPGs, skills are a necessity for success. Though there are many types of skills that boost ATK and CRIT, there are also passive skills that can boost Initiative and DEF while absorbing, and there are also skills that can disable dodging. Defeat your opponents by forming reasonable combinations of these various kinds of skills.

Forge Legendary Heroes - Heroes in Pixel Hero automatically upgrade as they kill monsters, and they can also be awakened! By awakening your heroes, you get to equip them with exclusive artifacts which affect 4 stats: Initiative, DEF, DOD and Monarch.

Initiative Points - Skills in Pixel Hero are triggered starting from the front row to the back row. The chance to trigger skills in the back row might be slim in comparison to those in the front row, especially with CRIT and HP recovery skills. It's important to make relevant strategies based on the opponent's layout in order to trigger the right skills at the right time.